Tuesday, February 21, 2012

“Happy 5th Birthday, Nuffnang!”

What is Nuffnang? The first Asia Pacific's online blog advertising community. (according to Wiki) But if you're going to ask me, what really is Nuffnang, I'd simply say... 

>>> The place where you can have FUN while BLOGGING and LEARN while gaining FRIENDS <<< 

Happy Birthday NUFFNANG!! It is clear that God created you for a great purpose... :) 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Start of the Happily-Ever-After: The Desales-Aguilar Nuptials

Every girl's dream is to have a fairy-tale romance and have their happily-ever-after. Some are not fortunate enough to meet their king and plan on a wedding fit only for a queen. But I can't say the same for this one lucky girl... And that lucky girl's name is Mimi... :) 
Mimi, the bride, is one of my friends at work. She looks maldita (hehe) but behind those maldita-like look is a kind heart and a funny person. No wonder God gave her a lot of blessings and someone that will be there to take care and love her dearly... 
The Groom, all smiles :) 
After the ceremony, the newly weds posed for a few minutes and showed their love to all of the people who witnessed their exchange of vows... 
the newly weds with the whole gang

At the Reception:
Our table 
Spread the Love
On the table
Preggy Cinderella :) 
Gotta go... 

Fernbrook Gardens
Portofino South, Daang Reyna
Las Pinas City

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Desales!!! 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Worth the Wait

It's been awhile since I've last visited this site of mine... I've been busy with a lot of things and I'm sure one post will not be enough to cover all :) 

Honey's Haven was and still is the place where I write pretty much everything about my life... an outlet, a personal online diary specially created for the forgetful Donna (that's me). Then when I gain friends out of blogging and somehow, readers (thank you po) who are interested in our (me & hubby) out-of-town escapades and PG-ing PG-ing (PG means patay gutom..hihi) eat-outs, I've decided to come up with not-so-senseless entries about those topics in order to share our own experience and in the hope of helping other people with their travel. 

When Honey's Haven about to celebrate it's 1st year (last October), I planned on giving a big surprise for my readers (contest alert) but... little did I know that a month prior to that, I will receive a surprise of a lifetime...

10 Days after our trip in Puerto Princesaone of my friends told me that I eat a lot and its freaking her out. She even joked if I was pregnant. When I heard that comment, I immediately recall the last day of my period and it was not unusual for me to be delayed that long because it happened to me twice but ended up not having any, you know? baby... But still, I listened to her and bought a pregnancy kit that afternoon in the nearby drugstore. 

The following day, at around 2am, I woke up and read the instructions in the kit. Then tried to go back to sleep. But sleep was not very cooperative so I did it... tested if I really am pregnant... 

The result? 
Yes! I really am pregnant :)

After seeing those 2 lines, I just cried a river... woke my hubby and told him the great news!! After 4 loooooonnnnggg years, finally, God gave us what we longed for... what we prayed for...  

And the timing's too perfect... really worth the wait... 

I've discovered I'm pregnant right after our 4th year wedding anniversary... 

First real kick started last December, week of my birthday... 

And baby's arrival will be this May, hubby's birthday...  

very first ultrasound 

We're no longer just a couple... we're about to be a family... :) 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Puerto Princesa Part 6 of 6: 3D2N Complete Itinerary in Puerto Princesa

Let me share you our Puerto Princesa 3D2N Itinerary. This has been one of the best vacations we've had... I'll let you know why in my next post :) 

This will not be possible without the help of Ensogo and SMY Travel & Tours. 

Day 1:
9:00AM     Airport Pick-up 

10:00AM   Check in at A & A Hotel
11:30AM    Lunch (pax account)
01:00PM   City Tour
05:00PM   End of tour 
07:30PM   Proceed to Iwahig for FireFly Watching Tour 
11:00pm    End of tour/ back to City proper

Day 2:
7:00AM      Breakfast
7:30AM      Underground River Tour
12:30PM    Lunch at Taraw Restaurant
5:00PM      End of Tour
7:00PM      Dinner at Ka Lui
Day 3:
12:00 NN  Check out

361 Malvar Street, PP City
434-1429 // 0917553-2884 // 0920-924-0763


Hotel A&A Plaza Hotel via Ensogo                 699php x 2 Nights = 1398php
Tour Package via SMY with souvenirs          2950php x 2 pax =   5900php
TOTAL                                                              7298php

Pasalubong (shirts, pearls, food, etc)             3000php
Dinner at Ka Lui                                                1100php (round off)

Puerto Princesa Part 5 of 6: Dinner at Ka Lui

After the Underground River Tour, we rested for 2 hours then off we go again :) This time for food hunt... Where to? Where else? Ka Lui of course! :) 
Ka Lui is the place to be when you're in Puerto Princesa. Food haven for food lovers like us :)  
This is a family owned business and became the top food establishment of the city. 
Upon entering the place, you will be asked to remove your shoes/slippers and they will place it inside these cute little boxes at the front. I think this simple rule (rocks!) made me even more curious of how well they run this restaurant :)
I was amazed on how cute and homey the interior looks like :) Too bad we don't have any prior reservation that we ended up having the table at the front... :( 

But that didn't ruined the night.. We're even thankful because even when we didn't have any reservation, they were kind enough to still accommodate us. The only difficult part of the night was the food...their food choices, I can't even choose.. I don't know what to order.. I like them all :) 

On the table: 
Shake for Hubby
 Mango Shake for Me
Ka Lui Special of the Day
Clockwise: Veggies of the Day, Fish Steak,  Chili Crabs, Prawns, rice (not in the picture) starters Set à la family, pwede for two. 395php + Vat
 Side Order: Crispy Fish tail 350php +vat 
This came as a surprise... the outer covering taste like lechon.. promise!
 Complimentary fruit platter 
"bon appétit"

Food: guaranteed fresh... 
Place: romantic ambiance... 
Worth every penny... 

KaLui Restaurant 
369 Rizal Avenue Puerto Princesa City Palawan
( Opens Daily Save Sundays Lunch 11-2pm; Dinner 6:00-10:30pm )
(048) 433 2580
+63 928 753 9621

Puerto Princesa Part 4 of 6: Underground River Tour

On our second day in Puerto Princesa, we visited our very own UNESCO World Heritage Site, the "St. Paul Subterranean River National Park" aka "Puerto Princesa Underground River".  

After breakfast, we were fetched by Kuya Ramon at around 730am. We're about to start a 2hr drive to Sabang. Of course, we didn't actually drove for 2 straight hours. We had a few stops. First stop was in Viet Ville then to Buenavista Viewing Deck. 
On the second stop is where we had our pictures taken and we also took some souvenir photos and items (bought) with us. 
 Great view :) 

Then while on the road, we stopped again and this time in this magnificent rock formation just like in the movie Avatar. Our pictures didn't give justice to the beauty of the place... :( too bad.. The place, by the way, is called "tagabinet". 
At last, we reached the port. We waited for about 15 minutes before we were led to our respective boats that would bring us to Sabang. 
Ta-da! here's our boat :) 
Boat ride (approximately 15-20 minutes) 
almost there... :) 
short trek going to the registration area
Finally... :) 
We had poor quality photos inside because it's too dark. They only have one flashlight for the entire boat and the privileged one was the one sitting at the very front :) 

That's okay, we still have the memories and the experience, right? :) 
After exploring the underground river, we're now bound to Taraw Restaurant to eat lunch :)
And here's what my plate looked like
After lunch, we were given enough time to explore the island and swim at our own risk :) 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Puerto Princesa Part 3 of 6: Iwahig Firefly Watching

Iwahig Firefly Watching is the newest attraction in Puerto Princesa. It started only last Oct 2008 and now named as one of the Top Eco Tourism Spot (Gold). This project's being funded by the city government, ABS-CBN foundation Inc and Department of Tourism. 

Our tour came with a dinner for 2. Choices were: Ka Lui, Leslie's and Asturias. Since it was a Sunday night, Ka Lui's closed and their Leslie's is the same Leslie's that can be found both in Tanza & Tagaytay. Ending? Buffet dinner in Percados, Asturias Hotel's restaurant. Nice :) 
Upon entering the place, we were awed because it bursts with elegance. With it's grand staircase to it's inviting pool at the back. Too bad, we're only there to eat :( 
 Us, about to have our dinner.. so hungry! :) 
 Wide array of food.. yum!

After the sumptuous meal, we went back to the van and drove for about 15-30mins. We're now bound to Iwahig River to do some firefly watching. I was hesitant at first in including this tour in our itinerary because it didn't intrigue me that much. Good thing I didn't pass on the chance to experience this because it's one of the highlights of our trip! A very big surprise indeed! 
Before we boarded the paddle boat (yep! they don't use motor boats to preserve the river, free from any pollutants), we were given life vest and a cute Vietnamese hat :)
It was a 45 minute ride in the river.. The boat men are volunteers and very knowledgeable. They even joke once in a while :) I learned a lot about fireflies, that they are good indicators of how healthy the place is, that fireflies are winged beatles and light come from their lower abdomen. Male glows more and bigger than female fireflies. 

They not only discuss fireflies but different species of mangroves, plankton and even did stargazing.. It was amazing when I saw formation of stars in the sky like the scorpion and pathway of milky way.. Wow! 

It took my breath away.. 
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Puerto Princesa Part 2 of 6: City Tour

One of the Tours we availed was PP City Tour. At 1pm, our tour guide texted me, together with a couple of other guests (around 7 persons) we explored the city of Puerto Princesa. 
Our first destination was the baywalk but we didn't actually get out of the van. Then we proceeded in visiting one of the churches in the city. We just stayed inside the van for personal reason :) 
Tiangge Tiangge is a pasalubong & food haven for tourists. They have kasoy, banana chips, t-shirts, fresh water pearls, hats, just to name a few. Tip: if you're already at the counter, make sure to ask for the last price of the items you're about to buy. What happened to us is that they listed down all the items with their corresponding amount less 5-10%. Not bad! :) 
Crocodile Farm was the second place that we've visited. This is a home of numerous crocodiles, obviously =p. It was quite educational because we were given a chance to know how crocodiles grow. I'm still nervous whenever I see one because it might swallow me whole.. scary.. :) 
I lost my notes somewhere and tried to remember the name of this crocodile (above photo). However, this is where the tour started then from the hatchery to the den we went. 
Baker's Hill was the next stop. It's supposed to be Iwahig Penal Farm but according to our tour guide Fidz, there's still an ongoing issue with the place. The shop where they used to bring tourists to buy items made by the Iwahig detainees was burned. So they no longer have a reason to visit the place. 
Baker's Hill is the home of the best hopia in PP. Their hopia choices: monggo, baboy and ube. My personal favorite? Ube Hopia :) This place is also good for photo op because the Hernandez's (owner) convert the place into a mini park. 
Mitra's Farm reminded me of Tagaytay in Cavite. Owned by one of the powerful politicians in the country, the Mitra's. Nothing much to do here but photo op because there's a great view  of the rest of Puerto Princesa City and you get the chance to see horses :) 
Binuatan Creations was the last stop for the city tour. Puerto Princesa, known for woven products, transforms local fibers such as mangrove grass into world class products. According to our tour guide, they now export these woven items like placemats to a world renowned brand such as Calvin Klein and local store Kultura of SM. 
My attempt to weave :) Looks easy but it's not..

Puerto Princesa City is very promising. There are places worth visiting and talents worth bragging. To my fellow Filipinos in PP, I salute you! Mabuhay ang Pinoy! 
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